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Five Star Moving is a premium class movers that has been working in the moving field for 12 years and has satisfied the needs of over 25629 customers. Our expertise allows us to guarantee the safety, comfort, and quickness of your moving process. Five Star Moving provides a variety of services, including packing, moving and many other. We are capable of transporting Items of any size and shape, and we guarantee the safety of your luggage. Allow us to help you complete any moving task, regardless of the distance of the move, its complexity and the current stage of the process.

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My move from West Hollywood back to Hollywood went smooth. These guys don’t talk too much but they do their job. The wardrobe boxes they brought are the best. I had a move with another company just 2 weeks ago from Hollywood to West Hollywood (don’t ask, long story, in the end I ended literally across the street from where I’d lived before the first move) and they charged me $200 more for moving less stuff the same distance.

Marina L.

Marina L.


Moving my shoebox-sized studio from Hollywood to downtown with 5 Star went super smoothly: the movers got all relevant info beforehand from the third party app that I used to book the move. My movers, Max and Aza, arrived when they said they would, assessed the situation, and didn’t waste time. The two gentlemen were wonderful – polite and respectful, and helped me out wherever they could…

Lana L

Lana L


These guys are by far the #1 movers for Los Angeles. Just did a major move from the South Bay to the San Fernando Valley.. 40 something miles ..

It’s super hard to find a moving company that will negotiate the double the traffic charge, work around early hours to avoid the traffic or just willing to negotiate at all!

Bonnie G

Bonnie G

Best tips before we arrive

Moving tips

Create an inventory

Create a detailed inventory of all the items you are about to move. It will be very useful when organizing your stuff and will serve as proof of the contents of your household shipment should something go missing or get damaged. It is a good idea to list the serial numbers of all of your electronics and appliances, as well as their brands and types.

Clean and Organize

Make sure all the items that will be packed in boxes and taken to your new place are clean and in good condition. You don’t want damaged devices and furniture pieces, stained fabric or dirty appliances, etc. to come in contact with new or delicate items and ruin them. Don’t forget to do the obvious:

Unplug, empty and clean all the electrical appliances (fridge, dishwasher, etc.). Remove the batteries from whatever devices will be transported in the moving truck;
Empty drawers, cupboards, book shelves, etc.;
Drain the fuel out of your lawn mower, snow blower, or other fuel-powered tool you are taking with you;
Strip the beds and all other furniture pieces of covers, decorative cushions, linen, etc. and pack the bedding separately.

Pre-pack small items

Keep small items tidy – put them in sealable bags, so that they don’t get lost or scattered during the transportation. Actually, any souvenirs, small decorations, desk organizers and a number of other bric-a-brac will only delay your movers and get in their way. Pack them yourself even if you have hired professional packers.


Put labels, color-codes, and specific instructions to every item or pre-packed box or anything else you want to be handled with special care or to find its rightful place immediately.

Arrange to be present on Moving day

All the above-described preparations will come very handy on Moving day, but what matters the most is whether you will be present to oversee the process and provide relevant information, proper directions and invaluable assistance to your movers. Arrange to be in your home when the movers arrive.

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