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Household Moving

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No two household moves are alike! At 5 Star Moving, we’re professional household movers who recognize and respond to the unique needs of each customer. Whatever your moving needs or your concerns may be, big or small, we design moving solutions that are just right for you.

Why It Pays to Hire Professional Household Movers

The do it yourself approach is very popular, because many times it can save you money. But there are some tasks that are better left to professionals — and choosing a professional company for your household move can actually be the more cost-effective option in many cases.

Consider this: When you handle your move by yourself, you not only have to bear the cost of renting the moving truck, but also for paying for gas, hotels, tolls, food and other expenses on the road. You might have to pay people to help load or unload the truck at either end of the move. And if those helpers — whether paid help or well-meaning friends — damage your household goods, you have no recourse to repair or replace them.

With a professional move, all those expenses are covered in the cost of the move, you get responsible professional movers and drivers to work with, and if any of your items are lost or damaged in transit, it’s the moving company’s responsibility to make it right. See for yourself and get an instant quote now.

Our Household Moving Services

We encourage involvement and input from our customers — because after all, it’s your move! Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our range of moving options, developed based on customer needs and requests, are a large part of the reason why we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We’ve assembled a wide array of household moving services as well as protection options, and you’ll have added peace of mind from knowing that your shipment is trackable and you can check its status at any time.

Some of the many household moving services 5 Star Moving offers include:

  • Full Service Packing
  • Fragile Only Packing
  • Assistance with Self Packing (such as help choosing which type and quantity of boxes and packing supplies are needed)
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Storage Options
  • Assembly for furniture and appliances

Whether you need a little assistance or a lot, 5 Star Moving gives each of our customers the power to choose the level of help that fits their needs. And we do it all with predictable pricing, so you don’t have a ballpark quote that gives you an unpleasant surprise at the end of your move! That allows you to customize your household move or relocation to fit your budget as well as your needs.

We believe that informed customers make for a better, less stressful move, so we also do what we can to help our customers learn more about the process of moving. From FAQs that answer common questions about packing and moving, to Relocation Specialists that can help you with more specific questions you have about your move in particular, we make sure you know what to expect — and which household moving services are the best fit for your situation.

Household Moving & Storage Options

When you’re making the transition from one home to another, sometimes the need arises for household moving storage. That can happen for many reasons, such as if the new home is not ready when you need to vacate your current home. Whatever the reason, if you need moving storage for some of your belongings at some point during the transition to your new home, 5 Star Moving is both a moving and a storage company with convenient, efficient moving storage services and facilities.

Why We’re Your Household Moving Company of Choice

The 5 Star Moving difference starts with our wide range of moving options, allowing you to customize your move. Even a mostly DIY move is easier when you can consult a professional relocation specialist about which supplies and what size boxes you need!

Our people are also a big part of our success: Each 5 Star Moving employee is dedicated to making your move go smoothly, and you’ll have a team of professional household movers to support you at every step of the way. Our employee training puts an emphasis on respect, care, and the attention to detail that creates the personalized moving solutions we’re known for.

Whether you need a local relocation or long distance services, loading and unloading only, or a full-service move complete with packing, trusting 5 Star Moving means you receive a specially tailored solution with the options that fit your needs, handled by experienced professional movers. Contact us today at (800) 228-3092 or use our form above to get a free on demand quote customized just for you!