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Corporate Moving

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  • Post published:October 29, 2018
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Office Relocations

Regardless if you are upsizing or downsizing your office space, moving is not an easy task. You have a move out date and you hope that you can get everything out from the old and move it into the new office space on time and within budget. With no one on your team to do the heavy lifting, you can call Five Star Moving and Storage.

Five Star Moving and Storage brings the years of experience and the trained workforce that can handle any kind of tasks involved with your office move. We will make it an enjoyable, smooth and no-hassle moving experience for you and your company. 

Typical office move has a key contact that we liaise for all move related communication. We will assign a key contact for your company for easy communication. We are available around the clock to answer your questions. Companies that use our service, stay with us for life because they trust in our service and the value we provide.

Normally we work from 8 am to 6 pm. To minimize the impact of the move on your work schedule, we are flexible to come in at a time outside of your working hours as well. Our movers are trained to pack and unpack, disassemble and assemble furniture, carry furniture and other heavy items with zero damage. Our movers work fast, communicate well and are flexible to organize their work around your needs.

Relocation Services we Provide

  • Modular furniture – assembly and disassembly

  • File rooms, archives and libraries

  • Relocation of office furniture, conference tables

  • IT equipment –  computers, printers, fax machines, servers

  • Palletizing office furniture

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